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When a wife and mother are killed through the negligent or unlawful actions of an individual or company, the emotional pain and suffering can be devastating to say the least. The surviving husband, children and parents of the deceased are left to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward at a time when simply getting out of bed can be too much. The loss of a lifetime of nurturing comfort, companionship, support, guidance and counsel is magnified by the loss of that parent’s financial contributions that would have been available to the household and inherited by the children but for the wrongful death.
The Wrongful Death cause of action is available where a parent, spouse, or child has suffered the death of their loved one caused by the wrongful acts, carelessness, or negligence of a person or business entity. The surviving parent, spouse or child can recover for the emotional pain and suffering, the loss of comfort, companionship, support, advice, guidance, and counsel, and the financial contributions that would have been made to that surviving family member over the decedent’s lifetime.
The attorneys at The Taft Law Firm understand the concerned and compassionate touch that is necessary when a spouse, child or parent has lost a loved one. At the same time, we understand the tactical and relentless pace by which we must navigate the legal process to expose the negligent operation, defective product, unsafe property or work place, or other wrongful circumstance that has caused the loss of life. In handling Wrongful Death cases, The Taft Law Firm brings compassion for the family and relentless pursuit of the remedies the law allows.