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It is hard enough to live with a loss based simply on a plainly bad business decision. But, when you have suffered a significant personal or financial loss because the other side has built the deal on a foundation of lies and material misrepresentations, the personal and financial devastation is magnified by the destruction of trust.

The news headlines are filled with stories of families being bilked out of life savings and businesses and shareholders being swindled out of revenues and profits at the hands of individual and corporate schemers out to make a fast buck. Unfortunately, trusted business partners, contractors, insurance companies, and financial service providers are not above defrauding their clients, customers and business associates out of money, technology and other resources.
“Fraud” is that area of law dealing with circumstances where: a person or entity has knowingly or recklessly made material false representations; with the intent that you or your business act on those misrepresentations; and you relied on the representations and suffered injury or losses. One can be “fraudulently induced” into entering a binding agreement where he or she entered the agreement based on false representations.
If you or your business have been the victim of fraud or fraudulent inducement, The Taft Law Firm is experienced at recovering what the law will allow – out of pocket damages, lost profits, mental anguish damages, exemplary damages, recission or reformation of contracts marred by fraud, and in some instances attorney fees for other causes of action interrelated to the fraud.