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Individuals and businesses are told that it is good practice to maintain an insurance policy and coverage - for peace of mind during the unexpected twists and turns of life. Weekly, monthly or annually, families and businesses around the country have faithfully paid considerable sums in insurance premiums to protect their families, homes, businesses and hard-earned assets against destruction by storms, collisions, claims and other casualties.

Unfortunately, when the storms of life rage, these families and businesses find out that some insurance carriers and related entities are purely in the business of collecting premiums and delaying or denying payment on claims that should be covered.  In many instances, these insurance carriers completely refuse to investigate to determine if the policy covers the claim.
Along with the contractual relationship between the insured and the insurance company, comes a duty of good faith and fair dealing on part of the insurer. Therefore, when insurance companies deny or delay payment on claims when liability is reasonably clear, the insurer has breached its duty to the insured. A denial of coverage should be justified by a thorough investigation performed in good faith.  If an insurer did not investigate the claim, it cannot argue that liability was not reasonably clear. An insurer cannot investigate a claim for the purpose of denying the claim. Similarly, when insurance companies cancel an insurance policy without a reasonable basis, the insurer has breached its duty to the insured.
When these breaches of good faith and fair dealing cause harm to the insured, a bad faith insurance action can be pursued. The remedies sought in a bad faith insurance action are not the same benefits the insured would have received under the insurance contract. Bad faith is separate from a breach of contract action. Therefore, the insured can recover when he or she has suffered “extra-contractual damages” like business losses or mental anguish and personal injury damages for serious disruption of the insured’s life (i.e., those damages that go beyond the terms of what is covered in the insurance contract).
An examination of the facts and circumstances of a claim will ultimately determine if there is an action for bad faith insurance. The attorneys at The Taft Law Firm are prepared with the knowledge, skill and experience to handle the litigation needs of individuals and businesses wronged by the bad faith and unlawful actions of insurance carriers and their related entities.