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The Texas Whistleblower Act protects state and local government employees against retaliation for reporting violations of the law. It is one of the few limited contexts wherein government immunity is waived and the employee is allowed to sue to collect past lost wages and lost benefits (including merit raises and promotions), future lost earnings and earning capacity, attorney fees and damages for losses due to emotional pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life. In certain instances, the whistleblower can be entitled to reinstatement instead of front pay.

This cause of action is applicable in cases where the government employee has made a good faith report that her employer or another public employee violated the law, the person made the report to a correct law enforcement authority, and the whistleblower was terminated, suspended or suffered an adverse personal action because of the report.
Similarly, where a private individual has knowledge of entities or businesses committing fraud against the Federal Government, they have a right to bring suit on the government’s behalf. These Qui Tam Whistleblowers can receive a part of the damages recovered in the lawsuit.

The Qui Tam action is popularly used where a person has knowledge that an entity is falsely billing a government program like medicare. In addition to a share of the damages collected from the bad actor entity, these actions allow for the award of attorney fees and allow the government to intervene in the action – thereby bringing the full weight and force of the Federal Government to bear on the bad actor Defendant.

Whether a Texas Whistleblower or Qui Tam Action, the attorneys at The Taft Law Firm can assist in efforts to maintain your job and the credibility of your work and to protect tax dollars and government resources.