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Many of the products that we come into contact with in our everyday lives and work experiences have great usefulness. Consider how heavily we use the following products: automobiles, buses, boats, trailers, ATVs, their steering mechanisms, tires and other components; pressure cookers, ovens, and other kitchen appliances; cranes, ladders, harnesses, platforms, scaffolds and other construction or work equipment and tools; water heaters, furnaces and other household systems; swing sets, lawnmowers, car seats…. The lists of useful products we encounter on a daily basis is limitless.
Defects in the design, manufacturing or marketing of these products can certainly trump the product’s utility. Such defects can leave a product in an unreasonably dangerous condition when it is used for its ordinary purpose. Imagine a steering wheel failure as you drive your family down a winding road in the hill country, the failure of a harness and platform as a worker pressure washes a storage tank while he is hundreds of feet above the ground, or flatly wrong instructions for relighting a gas furnace in the dead of winter.

Unfortunately and often enough, these defective products subject users to significant loss of property, severe to crippling injuries, and even death. All too often, the designers, manufacturers and sellers of these defective products use their insurance company lawyers to claim “it’s the consumer’s fault” – as he or she must have “misused” the product.
Before being victimized a second time with their “misuse” arguments, or convinced that workers’ compensation or a quick lowball settlement are your only recourse, consult the attorneys at The Taft Law Firm to assess and aggressively pursue the complete universe of the rights and remedies provided by the product liability laws.