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Workers injured on the job have a right to seek compensation for their injuries and other damages. While the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act covers some employee/employer relationships and prevents the filing of some lawsuits to recover for injuries caused by workplace negligence, not all negligently inflicted workplace injuries are barred by the Act. Nor does the Workers’ Compensation Act provide coverage for all of the damages suffered in a workplace injury incident.

In many instances where an employer’s intentional conduct has caused workplace injuries, that employer may be sued to recover damages. Third-parties may be sued when their negligent or intentional conduct or omissions have caused workplace injuries. Further, where an employer’s willful act, omission or gross negligence has caused the death of an employee, the decedent’s spouse or children may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the employer seeking even punitive damages for the wrongful death.
Employers and third-party suppliers or service providers have a legal obligation to make sure that their tools, equipment, machinery and vehicles are maintained in a safe manner and are safe for use by their industrial plant, construction and other workers. Similarly, employers should take reasonable steps to be sure workers know how to properly use the tools, equipment, machinery and vehicles they are told to operate.
If you have suffered a workplace injury or loss of a loved one, The Taft Law Firm can help you navigate the legal maze necessary for putting your life back together while you and your loved ones focus on healing.